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Lostre Kouzina


We host Lectures, Presentations, Events etc.

With years of experience in organizing social events, we can take care of your event.

We offer

  • Menu of your choice
  • Exclusive availability of space
  • Music coverage
  • Indoor or outdoor (roofed) space
Εστιατόριο για εκδήλωση Αθήνα
Restaurant for Events in Athens

Greek restaurant in Athens with great food and relaxed atmosphere, located in a quite street.

Ελληνικό εστιατόριο στην Αθήνα με εξαιρετικό φαγητό και χαλαρή ατμόσφαιρα, που βρίσκεται σε έναν ήσυχο πεζόδρομο.


Opening Hours

13:00pm - 01:00am
Monday to Sunday
(Kitchen closes at 11:30pm)

Reservations & Info

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